I.S.P. Certificazioni


I.S.P. Certifications partner of INTERCERT, being impartial, it provides a certification service that gives security and trust to the market.

I.S.P. INTERCERT Certification Partners, its Management, managers, staff and others involved in certification activities fully understand the importance of impartiality in undertaking certification activities.

I.S.P. INTERCERT Certification Partners recognizes that the source of revenue for a certification body is the customer who pays for the certification and that this is a potential threat to impartiality. Therefore, I.S.P. Partner Certifications INTERCERT has a number of checks to ensure that impartiality is maintained.

To gain and maintain trust, it is essential that INTERCERT certification decisions are based on objective evidence of compliance or non-compliance and that decisions made are not influenced by other interests or other parties. Certification decisions are made and approved by a competent scheme manager, who has not been involved in the audit management and therefore assigned to the audit team.

When certain personal relationships create unacceptable threats to impartiality, the Certification should not be granted.

I.S.P. INTERCERT Certification Partners will not certify another certification body for its activities related to management system certification. When potential threats to impartiality arise, I.S.P. INTERCERT Certification Partners eliminate or mitigate those threats. This process is monitored by the Impartiality Committee does not entrust audits or other certification activities to third parties and, where possible, I.S.P. INTERCERT Certification Partners ensures that personnel who have provided consultancy or internal audit services in the previous two years do not participate in certification activities.

I.S.P. INTERCERT Certification Partners recognizes that threats to impartiality include the following:

  • Threats of self-interest deriving from a person or entity acting in its own interest.
  • Threats of self-review from a person reviewing work they have done themselves.
  • Threats of familiarity (or trust) arising from a person becoming too familiar or too trusting of another, instead of seeking evidence.

Intimidating threats resulting from a person having the perception of being forced openly or covertly, such as a threat to be replaced or reported to a supervisor. text...