I.S.P. Certificazioni



We are a Certification Body present in Italy since 2003 as DAS, today as part of an international group "INTERCERT " present in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.
We offer management system assessment services in accordance with national and international standards.
We like to transfer all the experience and values of a group that operates successfully all over the world to the Italian market.


Our organization is strongly committed to consolidating its "Brand" on the Italian market, in order to associate trust, solidity, and effectiveness with its services.
We aim to become a reliable partner for our client companies, transferring the importance of continuous improvement of organisational, managerial and production performance.

Our Policy

The fundamental aspect of our policy is the valorisation of people (customers, internal resources and collaborators) and their ability to believe in the principles that underlie the certification: impartiality, ethics and professionalism.

We affirm our principles:
Recognizing the specificities of the territory in which our businesses are developed;
Respecting the values that every company transfers into its business;
Sensitizing our customers to compliance with national and European regulatory requirements;

Promptly resolving any complaints;

Providing content-oriented auditing activities;

Respecting the delivery times of the service established with the customer;
Valuing our collaborators by stimulating them to human and professional growth.

Our objectives are
  • Maintain and extend accreditations;
  • Update and increase the skills of our auditors and collaborators;
  • Respect the principles of impartiality of independence throughout the certification process;
  • Improve the level of customer satisfaction;
  • Increase market shares;
  • Promote the corporate culture.

Rev.04 05/06/2023